Prerequisites for Starting a Business

Let me just start off by warning you that starting a business is more than just photoshoots & glam squads. Being a business owner has challenged my character but most importantly required me to become more intentional & progressive overall. It has made me aware of habitual behaviors that needed altering.

Now that I was “starting” it was crucial that my entire existence matched God’s vision for my life. Don’t get me wrong “starting” doesn’t mean that I attained instant perfection but it meant that my goals cost more than what I had previously given. Sure, I could have settled for mediocracy but it cost more to have standards as a business owner & as a Christian woman. My job is to be Christ-like! Christ-like in how I speak to customers/team members, Christ-like in the advice I give, & Christ-like even in disagreements.

Self-confrontation is never an easy task but always necessary. For me, evolving as a woman takes precedence over being comfortable. Isaiah 1:17 tells us that we must learn to do good, which means that naturally our will is to do the opposite. When doing business, your responses & actions should be geared towards the future good of your company and not your "present satisfaction". You can have top notch, good quality products but the experience that your client has with you & how you made them feel will be there lasting impression of you.

What message are you portraying to your audience? Does your brand represent you or do you represent the brand? In business, the goal is to evolve & learn from our mistakes or even the mistakes of others.Give yourself permission to start FRESH! If you need to have those hard conversations with your team or the uncomfortable talks to revamp contracts, it's ok. It's ok to do things differently or to try new methods in business.

Now is the time to create or recreate! Don't be afraid to make alterations or pivot your plans. No matter what, you are NOT behind! I don't care what the enemy tries to tell you, God is a restorer of time & thankfully He is not limited to our 24 hour clock. God's plan for you has not expired, START NOW!

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