Prayer for Healing

Today God we say thank you

Thank you for access

Access to come to you, not only as our God but as our friend

Thank you for always having the time to listen

Thank you for keeping your word alive in us

Even the moments we've ignored your sovereign voice, you’ve covered us

Guide us to your will today

Allow us to follow your heart

Give us the discernment & desire to follow your precepts

Let our speech reflect your character

Allow everywhere our feet tread crush the plans of the enemy

Teach our hands to war in the Spirit

Teach our fingers to fight not only for us but for the souls around us

Be with us as we speak truth

Teach us how to witness

Teach us how to correctly evangelize to every soul we come into contact with

Bring healing God

Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in your wings

Heal us from family traditions that have scarred us

Heal us from generational curses

Heal us from fleshly thoughts

Heal us from toxic environments

The healing that breaks through our cover-ups

Healing from the trauma we’ve buried & not confronted

Healing from sins you’ve already forgiven us for

Healing from the infectious conversations

Healing from self-sabotaging bruises

We still believe that you not only can but that you are willing

But just in case there is any inkling of unbelief, help us

For you said that faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God

So today we promise to train our ear to hear your voice above the noise

We declare that we’ll be hungry for your word & for every word that comes out of your mouth

We decree & declare that it is so & shall be

We’ll forever praise you Emmanuel, The God who is with us

In Jesus name, Amen.

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