Do you believe in what you're asking God for?

There was a man named Zechariah who regularly attended church & served on the leadership team. He was married to Elizabeth with no children, for some time, because she wasn’t able to have children. He was content with his life. He grew with his wife, served in ministry, had relationship with his peers, & most importantly, Zechariah’s life was approved by God.

God decided he wanted to give Zechariah more. God wanted to grant him the prayer request he thought God forgot about, better yet, the request he thought was impossible after so much time passed by. One day as Zechariah was in worship an angel said to him “God has heard your prayer”. The messenger stated that God would give them a son who would be their pride & joy and filled with the Holy Spirit. The son (gift) would be celebrated by many, change generations, & prepare people for the return of God. But in disbelieve, Zechariah asked for proof. The thing he had prayed so long for was now being given to him but because it didn’t make sense in his mind, he responded with facts instead of believing TRUTH. Unfortunately because he didn’t believe, God muted him until the miracle happened. Could you imagine!? Receiving the 1 thing you desire most but not being able to speak on it or share the good news with your spouse until it manifested. Being stripped of your natural ability because you rejected the thing you asked for.

Now later on their relative Mary was also given a gift from God. The angel visited Mary at home & told her that she was favored by God & that she would receive a gift that she hadn’t prepared for or placed action towards. The gift developing in her would be great & overshadowed by the power God. Hearing all of this, Mary’s response was different from Zechariah’s. She responded saying “I am the Lord’s servant, let everything you’ve said happen to me” then the angel left.

How would you respond if God decided to give you what you asked for? Are you ready to receive? Would you say He was bluffing? What if God decided to set you free from your own thoughts & ideologies? Sometimes it’s easy for us to participate in the idea of complacency because we think it shields us from the disappointments but this mindset doesn’t level up to the abundant life God has in store for us. I hate to tell you but in life disappointments will come but that should never place us in a posture of doubt towards God. Remember, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like the shifting shadows” James 1:17. God is a creditable source & deserving of your trust.

Today just don’t talk to Jesus, believe in what you’re asking from Him.

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