Christian "Gimmicks"

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with the blessings of God that you didn’t want to mishandle the season you were in by repeating silly old habits? My pastor, Pastor Don Clark, refers to this as the “can’t help it” syndrome.

You know what I mean;

The can’t help but think negative

Can’t help but clap back

Can’t help but refuse help

Can’t help but stay guarded as a defensive mechanism

Can’t help but curse

Can’t help but slip up

I’ve been in that place, where God just keeps pouring down fresh manna confirming His provision for me, in every area of my life, while praying that I don’t have the mindset of the Israelites who overlooked the many blessings provided to them because the past was more familiar. Sometimes the comfort of our past bondage seems more secure than walking into the blessings of the unknown. The unknown means we have to rely on God & not the gimmicks we used in the past. The unknown also means that there may be silence until God’s message is revealed. If you’re walking into unfamiliar blessings let’s make sure we’re not tagging along those “can’t help its”. It takes a mature Christian to fit into the blessing the way God designed it, making the conscience effort to not ruin it with old stains. Romans 7:21 JBT tells us that when we desire to do good, evil is natural to us BUT the good news is that in Romans 12:2 it states that our minds can be renewed! That means that we don’t have to settle for the negative thoughts anymore! You can be new in Christ & any bold face lie the enemy tries to feed you is just that, A LIE! You can handle the situation with a new mind! You don’t have to stay that way because of past hurt. The next blessing coming will see a new & improved you! You’ll know how to handle the gifts this time. Make up in your mind that the next time God comes around with the blessings in His hands you’ll be ready to carry them.

Today we bind the “can’t help its” & loose freedom. The freedom to be a new creature in Christ. Freedom to enjoy the blessings. Freedom to bask in the royalty of God. Freedom from the past life. No more gimmicks or bondage holding you back. You’re free to enjoy being a Christian & free to enjoy your relationship with Christ. Freedom looks good on you!

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