7 Self-Discovery Questions

For most of us, puberty hits around the age of 12 but no one tells us that there are stages to self-discovery, at least I didn’t get that memo. I figured once I tackled the uncomfortable & awkward stages of my teen years that I would have arrived to a “Concluded Courtney”. Let’s just say, I’m glad my conclusion wasn’t marked there! Truth be told each season in our lives should teach us new things & fashion us into the perfected image of Christ (James 1). Some moments in life reveal parts of us that need confronting, adjusting, unlearning, and/or celebrating. So allow me to welcome you to your “aha moment”.

Below are 7 questions that will help you discover who you are. Please don’t just rush through these but take a moment to think about your responses or write them down even.

1) What do I admire about myself? 2) What’s something I would like to do less of & why? 3) What could I give a presentation on with no preparation? 4) What is my favorite memory? 5) What makes me uncomfortable? 6) How do I treat myself after I’ve made a mistake? 7) When am I most happy?

This post & more information is on the link below.

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